mother! (2017)

Having your movie be slowly paced is fine. If it has a point. mother! however, does not. Or does it? Darren Aronofsky could have made a decent comedy with some of the material he wrote in this movie but instead it is “serious”.  Or is it a dark comedy? The amount of times that Jennifer Laurence asks people to “please stop” or to “leave” gets comedic. The movie, is not all bad or it may be a masterpiece. Like, the last third of the movie is actually fantastic. But, I don’t understand what the point of the first two thirds are. I’m pretty much certain, that it is all a metaphor for The Bible. (The house being the earth possibly?) The movie operates like a nightmare, which I could feel like be the point of the movie. The nightmare of the human race, restarting on an endless loop. To never end; only to begin again.

People seem to either hate or love this movie, which may be the point. If, we are taking the biblical interpretation of the movie into account, then, what book is loved and hated by so many? This film could be a deconstruction of film itself as a genre and what it means. Pure genius or insanity, it seems like Aronofsky rides that line far too much, but in this film I think it really shows. We watch as the camera follows Jennifer Laurence doing menial tasks far too much in this movie. As odd things happen that only make sense about thirty minutes after the movie is over.

I think an interesting idea would be a double feature with mother! as the two films being shown. Because I really do not think watching it once is enough. I can’t assign a rating to this film. I know this review feels like it is being written by someone with split-personality disorder as I keep contradicting myself, especially in the first paragraph. But, the more I think about mother!, the more I enjoy it and the more I need to see it again.