The Mummy (2017)

Before setting up this “Dark Universe” and planning out all the future installments, Universal should have just focused on making a good film and going from there. While The Mummy was only directed by Alex Kurtzman, it was written by six different people. You can very much tell, as it is tonally uneven and poorly paced.

Nick Morton (Tom Cruise) was not really likable nor provided anything interesting other than make goofy faces and scream awkwardly. This is surprising, because Cruise has picked mostly good movies to star in in the past. But, at the center of the “Dark Universe” we have Dr. Henry Jekyll (Russel Crowe) which, while being by far the strongest performance of this film, is mainly just there to provide exposition and set up more movies. The idea that Jekyll has a museum and tries to stop all of these Universal Monsters just makes us want to focus on what he does instead of focus on just the mummy. And as for the actual mummy (Sofia Boutella), was more or less, dull and uninteresting compared to the previous incarnations of the character. The mummy just felt very nonthreatening. Imhotep (the previous mummy) in The Mummy (1999) seemed to have much more interesting abilities other than just sucking the life out of people.

The Mummy also thinks its audience is stupid. Title cards of where we are flash at the beginning of the movie which is unnecessary. If the set design is good enough and the script is tight enough, viewers will figure out the setting without needing it spoon-fed to them. Flashbacks are also provided to scenes from earlier in the movie as if we forgot what had happened. It could be because they too know that The Mummy is forgettable drivel.

The Mummy is like if they took all the problems and tropes plaguing blockbusters and decided to make it a movie. Taking the horror-based source material and turning it into the most cliched of action-blockbusters. Caring more about setting up endless sequels rather than the actual central plot, overusing CGI, and falling back on dream sequences to create much more interesting imagery than what is actually happening in the film. Or in other words, The Mummy is terrible.


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