The Fate of the Furious (2017)


The Fast and The Furious franchise is mindless entertainment that is mindless in the best way possible. The Bollywood-esque action sequences are so stupendous that it makes them hard to dislike. And now, we are in  the eighth installment of this franchise (with two more left) and though the lack of Paul Walker is sad and overall hurts the film, that’s not to say it isn’t a lot of fun.

The Fast and the Furious films seem to exist in their own world. Where every line of dialogue is delivered in such an unconventional way, and all people want to talk about is who is true “family”. In this world, it is also considered acceptable for Charlize Theron to have dreads and beat people “like a Cherokee drum”. This is the universe that the Furious movies exist in and it fits it so well. This is a film where you need to suspend your disbelief, which, yet again isn’t a bad thing. For example, Hobbs (The Rock) pretty much has inhuman strength in this movie and can pretty much life up any object without even struggling.

Even though the cast in these films continue to expand, they still manage to make the characters memorable which really says something about the effort that is involved. With the exception of Ramsey, played by Nathalie Emmanuel who is simply just there to be attractive, I can safely say I liked all the characters. Kurt Russell, Jason Statham, and The Rock had the best performances out of everyone because they seemed to be having fun with their roles. Vin Diesel’s parts were also great because of how serious he is in them. Like when he talks about his “family” especially, which is a very common trope of this franchise to fall back on.

The Fate of the Furious is the first movie in the franchise to completely lack character Brian O’Conner (Paul Walker) due to Paul Walker’s tragic death in 2013. It was sad to see his character absent from the crew. While not as large and heart-wrenching as Furious 7‘s tribute to the late actor, a small one is given at the end by Dom (Vin Diesel).

The Fate of the Furious checks all the boxes for great, mindless entertainment. It has cool cars doing awesome stuff, it has funny melodrama, and the music is so stereo-typically generic that it fits in an ironic fashion. If you are looking for something to do on the weekend, see this movie. Hell, even see it with your “family”.

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